How To Declutter Your Kitchen

Last Updated on April 20, 2020 by EditorKitchens can often be the one place we overlook when it comes to clutter. Why? The same reason one falls for a magic trick involving something like sleight of hand. That’s why we want to show you how to declutter your kitchen for good!

Your focus is on something else when the real business is happening right before your eyes. With kitchens, we tend to focus on crumbs, stains, if our fridges are filled with fresh food, and if there aren’t any dishes in the sink. Even though dishes can in fact be a form of kitchen clutter, today we take a look at the more overlooked forms of mess that a kitchen can take on.

Maybe you’re aware of it, maybe it caught you off guard, or maybe you have no clue that you’re right next to a pile of clutter while cooking your last meal. Whether you’re any of the above, we’ll show you how to declutter your kitchen in the best ways possible.

Why Declutter Your Kitchen?

It really doesn’t sound fun hearing the words “declutter kitchen”, but it’s important.

There’s a plethora of reasons why that pile of Tupperware needs to be organized and put away. Even if clutter may seem benign or harmless, it’s not wise to simply overlook it.

Now, if we’re talking clutter that just developed over the last two days then you’re fine. What we’re talking about here is more along the lines of piles of clutter that’s been sitting around since last Thanksgiving and you’re on the way to the store two buy another turkey for this upcoming one. We’re talking long term clutter.

And here’s the reasons why you should declutter:

Ants and Other Bugs

Ants and bugs primarily developed in cool, basement type climates. But if there’s food lying around under that pile that keeps growing, you’re bound to attract some unwanted little crawlers. The worst part is that you may not notice it under the clutter.


Mold buildup is no joke. It can cause hazards to your health along with hefty a steep price tag to get rid of it. Mold is often found when it’s too late and that’s the perfect situation for clutter because frankly, you won’t see the mold growing under it.



This last one is a bit on the shallow end, but who wants to live in a cluttered house? The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms of the house outside of the bathroom. It’s important for mental health to keep areas clean and on the up and up. Of course, if you like a little mess this need not apply.

Those have just been a few reasons as to why you might want to declutter your kitchen. Next, we look at ways to do so, detail by detail. A kitchen may be one room, but it can be broken down into various parts; all of which can be probe to clutter.

The Countertops

When looking at the various focal points of how to declutter your kitchen the first step is the kitchen countertops. Often times when it comes to decluttering your kitchen, people find that the countertops are the first victims. They’re simple areas that allow convenient ways of clutter buildup.

First you may leave a few grocery bags there. Then you leave the old junk mail. It continues on from there.

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Countertops are usually at hand level so that explains why it’s so easy to clutter them up. One tip to use is designated items only allowed for the countertop.

Don’t allow yourself to put anything else on there this way you avoid even the tiniest of buildup. Maybe you put the paper towel stand and toaster on there and call it a day. Avoid putting things down on them at all costs.

Overstuffed Kitchen Cabinets

Now it’s time to declutter the kitchen cabinets. This is almost the opposite of countertop clutter because the mindset here lays in having the urge of putting things away-almost to a fault.

It usually starts when you move in.

You designate one cabinet for this and that but then overtime you throw other things in there just to get them out of sight. Before you know it you have a cabinet filled with plates, old bottles, candy, sugar, coffee, baking pans, and a whole slew of items that are overstuffed and uncategorized. That’s a problem and it leads to clutter in a major way.

Now of course, this is the clutter that’s out of sight and out of mind when it comes to getting something out of those cabinets-goodluck. The key here is to give your items a home and don’t let other items break in. If you have a cup cabinet then only cups.

Declutter The Kitchen Pantry

An average kitchen pantry is essentially the size of a modern day walk in closet. For those who love spacious rooms and vanity, this is a great. That’s why it’s important to take proper steps in keeping your pantry decluttered and organized.

For those prone to making a mess or gathering clutter this can turn into a vice. The key with having a kitchen pantry is to take the same micro disciplines and turn them into macros. In better explaining that strategy, what this means is following the same steps as you would with keeping drawers clean and utilizing that technique with the pantry.

With a pantry you may be able to fit an entire plethora of items in it. And that can lead to limitless placement which in turn adds to accumulating. You want to not just limit the number of items you keep in there on the regular, but one helpful tip is to designate categories. Unlike a cabinet where you keep bowls and plates, a planter would see categories like canned foods and boxed items. Choosing categories puts the brakes on how much you place inside the pantry.

Kitchen Decluttering Ideas

Now comes the part where you put the orthodox methods aside and think outside the box. When it comes to keep a space tidy and uncluttered, it takes discipline. And keeping discipline can often times requires some additional off the wall ideas. Below is just that!

Pick a Cleaning Day

Designating a day to declutter the pantry can make a world of difference, especially if you keep that day even when the pantry isn’t overly cluttered. You’ll find that saying ahead of yourself when getting rid of clutter minimizes clutter altogether.

Have Friends and Family Help

Decluttering your kitchen can be a chore, especially if you find yourself doing it often. That’s where friends and family can come into play. Have them help you out once in a blue to shake things up a bit. You can even make a game out of it.

Label Places in The Pantry

This little tip acts as an extension to our category tip before. If you place labels on certain areas in the pantry and abide by those rules, you won’t be putting your gym shorts where the rice goes. This is a just a small psychological trick you can play on yourself to slowly train yourself out of cluttering up the pantry.

Keep a Lock on It

If all else fails and you still wind up putting your gym shorts on the spaghetti then maybe it’s time to make accessing the pantry harder. A small lock with a key will make you think twice about throwing in clutter. That extra step can be a pain whereas simply putting the clutter where it’s supposed to go will be easier.

Action Steps To Declutter Your Kitchen

You can even check out some other resources here

The Kitchen Minimalist

This step is for if you want to really get serious about decluttering your kitchen. And we’ve found that it actually works best for most. It’s all about being a minimalist.

What’s that mean exactly?

It means you keep the bare minimum and essentials in your kitchen. No fancy vases, no extra doilies, just one paper towel rack, simply nothing extra. This works best because you’re keeping everything simple. You’re restricting what goes in the kitchen therefore you’re restricting clutter.

Kitchen Organizing and Decluttering

Organizing may sound silly when you have a pike of unwanted stuff but if makes a difference. The trick that in turn becomes a tip is using the psychological technique of seeing things organized.

When you see something in order the brain is far less likely to add clutter to it. More importantly here is that when you organize, you also get rid of the unnecessary. You slowly begin to realize when doesn’t belong this allowing you to pick and choose what stays and what goes.

By the end, you’re clutter should essentially no longer be clutter. Once you add this tip with the others as well, you’ll find that building up clutter is no longer an issue.

Admit You Need Help

If your able to say to yourself “declutter my kitchen”, then you’ve acknowledged the fact that you have a clutter problem. But maybe you’ve read all these tips and still find yourself having a hard time getting rid of that awful pile building up and that’s okay.

Whether you’re trying to declutter a small kitchen or big one and have trouble, it’s okay to admit to friends and family that you need a little help. There’s no shame in it, and oftentimes once people reach that point, it’s smooth sailing after.

And there you have it! These have been some of the best proven ways to declutter your kitchen. Once you get started, it gets easier, especially if you make it part of your routine. With anything, it takes a little discipline, will power, and drive. But it can be done. And then before you know it, you’ll be the one giving people advice!