How To Store and Organize Under Your Bed

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Last Updated on July 1, 2020 by EditorThe space under your bed can be very handy for storage when considering storage spaces. You only have to be able to make the most of it. The most important secret to achieving this is to keep the space as clean and tidy as possible. This means you don’t use the space under your bed as a stockpile for dirty laundry or as a space to stash your rough paper or other trash.

The best strategy to efficiently manage the space under your bed for storage is by using storage containers. Nothing should just be left under the bed without being in a container. However, before getting started with containers, it is important to have the right dimensions. This would help ensure that your boxes are not too large or too small to be kept under your bed.

Here are some guides to help you select containers:

  • Long low plastic containers should be used for storage under the bed. Also, canvas containers or custom wood bins on casters can be used in storing items under your bed.
  • Bins with wheels can also be used in storing items under your bed. This makes these items easy to reach and retrieve whenever you want to.
  • And if you’re not too worried about aesthetics, old cardboard boxes from around the house can be used to store items under your bed. The top flaps of these boxes can be removed so you can see these items when you pull them out. Shoe boxes without the tops and old dresser drawers can also be used for under bed storage. You only have to organize effectively.

What Should You Store Under Your Bed?

A major advantage of storing items under your bed is that the items stored are out of sight. So they don’t cause any major aesthetic concern. This implies that anything that as long as it fits, can be kept under your bed.

Here’s a list of some things you may want kept under your bed:

  • Clothing not in use: In most instances, the clothes closet is often close to the bed. This makes under the bed a good space to store clothing, not in use. However, items like ski jackets and sweaters that tend to take up a lot of space should also be stored in this space.
  • Luggage: Also, in case you’re traveling out of town for a while, you can store several items in your luggage and keep them under your bed when you’re away. Suitcases and Luggage can be used as containers for blankets and other forms of clothing. Wheels can be added to these suitcases and luggage to make them easily movable.
  • Shoes: Shoes that you use often should be kept in your closet. However, shoes that you don’t use often can be kept under your bed.
  • Linens: You can also keep linens and bedspreads that are not in use under your bed.
  • Folding Guest Bed: Kind of an odd one but still an item that can be easily stored under your bed and out of site.

However, in case you’re also considering storing some things under your kid’s beds, there are also somethings you should consider. Most times, kids also tend to have a lot of gear. Some of these gears, particularly the ones that are no longer in use can be stored under their beds.

These gears can range from old toys and books to out of season clothing.

Guest Rooms

In the case of guest rooms, the storage spaces often double as storage spaces in most homes. So, the space under the bed can also be used.

Tips To Organizing Storage Space Under Your Bed

Lets go through some tips to ease your under-bed-mess woes.

Use Platforms

When organizing the storage space under your bed, you can use platforms to raise the items kept under your bed.

Shoes Should Be Kept Way Inside

Shoes can’t be slid in well under the bed. This can be done using a container with wheels so they can be easily retrieved when you need them.

Use the right type of Bedspread

To keep the items kept under the bed concealed, you should use an extra-long bed skirt to cover your mounted mattress. This would help keep the items under the bed out of sight.

You Should Lift and Lock Your Mattress

In storing out of season clothes, platform bed frames can be used. This offers the best spot to store this type of clothes since they are only used once every few months.

Drawers Can Also Be Used

The space under your bed can also be split into drawers. This way you can section the space into two or more sections using drawers. This way everyone gets equal spaces to store their items under the bed.

Reuse a bookshelf

Ever considered what you could do with a bookshelf on its side. Particularly because it is just short enough to slide under your bed. The shelf is already compartmentalized which makes it easy for storage.

Add a little style

Also, in organizing the space under your bed, especially for kids, adding some style might not be a bad idea. Depending on the preferences of your kid, you can do a lot with space under your bed.

If you have kids in the houses, you might have issues with a lot of toys, not in use lying around almost all the time. Using the storage space under your bed offers you a chance to store these items conveniently.

With the right organization, the space under your bed offers you a lot of storage space.

Using Bed Risers

To improve the storage space under your bed, you can use a bed riser. These bed risers help raise your bed by several inches. This can offer a double advantage, apart from the extra storage space, some people also find higher beds more convenient for use.

These tips would go a long way in helping you make the most of the space under your bed. You no longer have to worry about the space under your bed being disorganized all the time. Not when you can use that space for more meaningful purposes.